patrick smith and his dog Terra

Patrick and Terra

The RV Digital Nomad logo on laptop

My New Site is Coming Soon

I decided to completely re-build my personal website and blog. 

It is a bit of work so please be patient. 

My goal is to provide you with;

  • Tips and Tricks to help you grow your business
  • Reviews of places I have traveled in my RV
  • Resources that I trust that will save you money and time

Please come back soon 🙂


Welcome to RV Digital Nomad, the ultimate resource for individuals who crave adventure and have a passion for remote work. This blog is dedicated to helping professionals seamlessly integrate travel and work while achieving a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.

The Mission

As a digital nomad, I understand the challenges and rewards of working remotely while on the move.

My mission at RV Digital Nomad is to help individuals navigate this uncharted territory by providing practical tips, resources, and a vibrant community to connect with. My goal is to empower remote workers to pursue their passions without sacrificing their personal life or professional goals.


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